Farmbrass story of a great success


story of a great success

Farm Brass guides the customers as a partner in the production development plans with innovative and personalized solutions, trying to cater to them for a complete satisfaction. Assistance, maintenance, revision and supply of spare parts complete the range of the offered services.

Our engineers’ quality, enthusiasm, high professionalism are the strength which allow a continuous innovation. One of our missions is the improvement through the research of new advanced technologies, we want to steadily keep up with the times always looking to the latest innovations. The company structure allows to mantain a constant contact with the customers and to guarantee a complete satisfaction of  their needs.

Sector leadership

Innovative engineering

Focus to the clients

Experience and teamwork

Why choosing us

Research and development

Wide range of choice

Commitment to customers

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Realized machinery


Satisfied customers


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Surface structure (mq)

Our products

Product reliability

Product reliability

All our ovens are the result of a teamwork: designers, mechanicals and thecnicians engages themselves to realize a reliable, stout and long-lived product.

Technological evolution

Technological evolution

In FARM BRASS every new request become a starting point to improve thecnologie and to propose new innovative solutions

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Our work is just not to realize automatic ovens, but also to provide personalized solutions to concrete production problems.

Teamwork and experience

Teamwork and experience

From first rotary machines in 1975 to now we stored an unique experience in the hot stamping sector.


We are able to propose technical and functional solutions appliables to all the installations.

We design parts installable on our previously constructed installations, trying to not modifying a lot the machines in order to limit the costs.

We work on:

New plants
Obsolete plants
Competitor's plants

Our partners

Since more than 30 years is specialized in buying and selling of transfer machineries activities, these machineries are used as horizontal and vertical units, with different number of unit, suitable to the lavoration of: fittings, valves, taps, automotive, general mechanical machining. The company realizes also revisions on Transfer machines.

FPM is a leader in the production and revision of presses and metal stamping installations. Since 1986 it rose, innovating and using the most innovative technologies, in order to offer high quality productive solutions to their customers all around the world.

Project + Research = Solution
Here our winning equation